What is software? Why we need software? and Types of Software

In this article, we will discuss what is software? and why we need software?. we also discuss types of software.

What is Software?

Software are some instructions, which execute user’s commands and perform some task.

Software are the computer programs that run on the computer. A computer program is a written instruction in files, which are written in some programing language. Any task performed by computer is possible because of software or computer programs.

Why we need software?

Software helps to manage the computer hardware and also helps to solve our problems.

Any computing device has two parts hardware and software.

A computing device is made up of many several components of hardware (like CPU, ram, hard disk, motherboard, mouse, keyboard, etc.) together working as a single machine. All these computer hardware devices cannot work together on its own. To working all these components together, we have to give instructions all these components to working together. So we need software to give instructions to all these components.

Without software, a computer or any computing device is just a piece of garbage. Any function of the computer is done by software.

Software gives a life to a computer machine so all the physical devices works together like a one body.

Simple Example of hardware and software of humans, Humans have eyes, ears, legs, hands and other internal organs, so these are the part of hardware because they are physical and tangible. All the thinking is the part of software. We think consciously or unconsciously and store information in our brain is part of software which is responsible to function all our hardware part of body.


Types of software


System Software

System software are the software for the system means these software helps the whole computer system to work all components together as a whole body.

These software are the center between user and hardware devices.

System software helps to control and manage the hardware devices. All the functions performed by computer hardware is only possible by system software.

Operating System

Operating system is the system that operates the whole computer system. It controls computer hardware devices and provides a user interface so the users can work on the computer.

Operating System provides an interface between users and hardware. It provides a friendly environment for the users so the users can work on computer without too much thinking.

Operating System as a resources manager

All the hardware resources (like CPU, ram, motherboard, hard drives, etc.) together create a computer system and operating system manage all these resources and provide a working environment to the users.

Operating system does not only provide a working environment, but it also manages all the files, memory, process of the computer. It is also responsible for the security of the system.

Basic functions of the operating system

  • File Management
  • Device Management
  • Memory Management
  • Process Management
  • Provides Security
  • Coordination between other software and users
  • Error detecting aids
  • Control over system performance
  • To handle deadlock conditions


Application Software

Application software are those software which are used by end-users to solve their specific problems. These types of software are developed to satisfy the end user’s needs.

These types of software are installed on the operating system and designed to complete specific tasks for uses.

Some examples of application software

  • Word processing software: Microsoft WordPad, Excel, PowerPoint, notepad, etc.
  • Web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, UC browser, etc.
  • Media players: VLC Player, Window Media Player, etc.
  • Console games: GTA, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, PUBG, etc.
  • Photo editors: Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDraw
  • Video editors: Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, Camtasia Studio, etc.



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